Hunga Boys

Have you ever been inside the apartement of international male models?…

HUNGA BOYS is a sitcom that takes place inside the apartment of four international male model by HUNGA agency. The model tenants of this apartment are Sahil (India), Thomas (German), Ryan (Dutch) and Eugenio (Italy). On the outside they are all glitz and glamour, living the high life on and off the Runway, with zillions of parties, pre parties, after parties to attend. But when they are at home, they are a species you would have never ever imagined. We get to know the Jetster, the ‘I know everything’, the disciplined guy with odd OCD’s and the overly vain guy all in one apartment. They are not related, they are not friends, they are competitors, they are hot and yes they live in one house. Be a part of their high intensity, crazy, faux luxury life!

Welcome the apartment of HUNGA BOYS.